Drunk Driving

When facing the charge of drunk driving you need a zealous, knowledgeable, and aggressive advocate to represent your interests and protect your rights. We understand the scientific, technical, and legal issues when it comes to providing an effective defense against the charge of drunk driving.

The offense of drunk driving (also known as Operating under the influence of intoxicating liquor (OUIL), Operating while visibly impaired (OWVI), Operating while Intoxicated (OWI), and Driving under the influence (DUI) has increasingly become a major concern in the public’s eye. Due to the increasing concern, the penalties have progressively become more severe. A fairly new law was enacted, Operating with a High BAC, which greatly increases the penalties that you may be facing. Having a conviction for drunk driving can have devastating effects on a person’s future, including, but not limited to: loss of one’s license, loss of employment, financial ruin, a criminal record, and even jail time.

The experience of being charged with drunk driving can be extremely stressful and frightening. Many people believe that if they are caught drunk driving there are really no options available except to plead guilty. This is simply untrue. You need someone there that knows the law to help you in making the best possible decisions when going through the criminal process. Our attorneys can help determine whether it would be in your best interests to try to procure a plea bargain with the state or proceed to trial. Our attorneys strive to explain the process to you in
an easy to understand manner. The choices that you make could have a lasting impact on your future. We want to make sure that all of your rights are protected and that you understand all of your options when making these choices.

Causing Injury or Death

You may be in a situation where you were driving under the influence and injury or death occurred at the time of the alleged offense. However, the act that caused the death or injury may have been out of your control. A simple example of this would be you driving down the road technically under the influence under the law, someone pulls out in front of you, you have no time to react, and an injury or death occurs. We understand the legal complexities that could provide you with a defense in the scenario described above.

Don’t go through this strenuous process alone. We are here to help you make educated decisions regarding your case.

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