Tragically, over half of marriages end in divorce. We support reconciliation and hope that marriages are preserved. However, in many situations divorce is necessary. If you must pursue divorce, do not handle it yourself. The greatest and most common mistake people make is believing they can handle this themselves. A divorce case is a complex legal matter, and simple oversights or errors can cause problems that haunt you for years. If you are thinking about getting divorced, are in the process of a divorce, or have issues with a divorce judgment already entered, it is important that you hire an attorney familiar with the unique laws in Michigan.

Divorce is one of the most challenging situations many people will ever endure. But, divorce does not have to be ugly. Often the two parties can work together through negotiation and mediation to reach a reasonable agreement. Taking this approach keeps the power to decide in your hands rather than placing it with the court. Working together helps create effective communication with the other party. This is an important skill if you have children and will help to resolve problems that may arise in the future.

However, in some cases a fair agreement cannot be reached and it may become necessary to fight for what is rightfully yours. The laws in Michigan are unique. Whether an asset or a debt is part of the marital estate does not always have a clear-cut answer. We will zealously fight for what is yours.

We offer a fresh approach to solving problems and are available for your questions. It is important that you protect yourself and your rights by contacting us as soon as possible.

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Call any time to set up a free initial consultation.  It is a good idea to download this intake form and fill it out to the best of your ability before you meet with us.  The intake form may be daunting at first glance because it is long and comprehensive, but this is to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us.  The more information you can gather before the consultation, the more helpful we can be.

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