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We understand your children are the single most important thing in your life. When facing child custody proceedings it is incredibly important you hire an attorney familiar with navigating the waters of custody disputes. A thorough understanding of the law is important because there is no magic formula the court uses to award custody and parenting time. Michigan requires the court decide issues regarding the custody and care of children in the best interest of the child. To determine the best interests of the child the court must consider and make findings on numerous factors, including domestic violence, drug abuse, and other personal matters. These factors and their legal significance require extensive knowledge of the law in Michigan. You need to hire an attorney who can understand your situation and fashion an argument that is compelling to the court.

Custody and parenting time can take many forms. The court divides custody of children into two categories, physical and legal. Physical custody is providing for the children and taking care of their daily needs. Legal custody is the power to make important decisions regarding things such as daycare, education, and medical treatment. Legal and physical custody can be either joint or held solely by one parent. Parenting time is how the court divides the parents’ time with the children, and the court can order parenting time that ranges from a few supervised hours a week to an exclusive custody arrangement. You should consult with a lawyer who practices extensively in family law when faced with a parenting time problem or a modification to parenting time. These modifications can affect many things including child support, where the child’s custodial environment is, and the standard the court will use for later custody evaluation.

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